Student Life

SHBS 4th Grader, Gabe, Shines on TV News!

Extracurricular Activities we offer

  • Student Council
  • Activities Based Community Projects (ABC Projects)
  • Children's Choir
  • Vocation of the Altar Servers
  • Science Club
  • Book Club
  • Drama Club
  • Cub Scouts
  • Design Dance: Tap HipHop Ballet
  • ROV Club
Watch Our Students Learn About The Chicago River!

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Saint Hyacinth Basilica School's ROV Club

Saint Hyacinth Basilica School's ROV Club will be participating in the Shedd Aquarium Midwest MATE ROV Regional on Saturday, April 28th. The students along with their teacher, Ms. Monica Ulanicki, recently made a special visit to Saint Patrick High School's pool to test their remotely operated vehicle, nicknamed the USS Converse. Saint Hyacinth will be the only Catholic elementary school competing.

ROV Updates: Click to see pictures and articles
2012 Science Fair Winners and Art Fair

What are Saint Hyacinth Basilica School students learning?
Students created a Green Building using everyday materials (cardboard, and clay) and discussed the impact green homes have on our planet.
Green Building is a term that describes environmentally friendly construction.
It includes many different aspects of the home, from planting shade trees to save energy to installing water efficient plumbing.
But, while green building is driven by a desire to reduce the environmental impact of your home, its also good for you.
Students investigated musical concepts such as tempo
(how fast or slow the sound), dynamics (how loud or soft the sound), and pitch (how high or low the sound) by making a homemade harmonica
Students and some parents went on to the "5k Go Go Green Walk" sponsored by the Peggy Notebaert Museum.
Project Citizen Students with Alderman Ariel E. Reboyras 30th Ward
Project Citizen Students addressing the Alderman about their petitions for a surveillance camera to be installed on Wolfram and Lawndale.

What do clay sculpting, Paper Mache apples, and painting have in common? Our new art room on the 4th floor! Students at St. Hyacinth have been working on numerous art projects with computer art programs to using art supplies. Take a look at our 1st Graders making apples for their parents and learning how to sculpt.

St. Hyacinth School Photos

We have an amazing school! Our students take part in many curricular and extra-curricular activities that foster their faith, creativity and academic excellence. If you'd like to see more pictures of the vibrant St. Hyacinth Basilica School community,


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